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Companies that need to have their people forklift certified and evaluated can have this done in just a few hours. If the company wishes to have go through train the trainer courses they can provide the training in house. We offer both options to companies and have the most complete set of materials on the market. Not only do you receive over 5 different videos for your training, but you receive all your materials on a CD in MS Word so you can edit and re-print the materials any time you have a forklift class.

Individuals can learn to drive or just get forklift certified at our training locations in New Braunfels, Austin, Smithville, Houston or Lubbock.

For those that need hands on forklift driver training, Forklift University has the best and most complete training available anywhere. Operators learn to drive with specially designed drills to build confidence and teach the fundamentals as they move to more advanced skills. Our classes are limited to no more than 3 students making sure that every student receives the necessary seat time to master the forklift driving skills. For those students that still require more driving time after the initial class, they have the option of attending another driver class (provided there is an opening) and getting additional driving time.forklift palet

For companies that need their forklift driver certified at their facility, our on site training program is designed for you. We provide an OSHA forklift certification class and then evaluate your operators as required by OSHA. Our forklift instructors not only discusses all OSHA forklift topics but they take the time to discuss job specific hazards and job site policies and procedures so your operators are fully OSHA compliant.

We offer Forklift Training in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, El Paso and Lubbock is now available from Forklift University of Texas.

Train the Trainer

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Train the Trainer is a complete training program for companies that want to do their forklift training or aerial lift training in house. With the forklift training kit from Forklift University of Texas, companies receive more materials, videos, and access to new information than is provided by any other forklift company anywhere.

Trainers are provided with all the materials, forms, tests etc that you will need to train, evaluate and certify your company operators. Our training is in depth and detailed beyond just providing materials. As part of the training, our experienced instructor will also walk your facility with your trainers to procedures and identify site and equipment specific issues that need to be included in the training.

The Train the Trainer kit comes with:

  • 4 Videos on a DVD that outline forklift accidents, forklift safety, pallet jack training, and the safe handling of batteries for electric forklift users
  • A complete manual of over 55 pages that is designed to be uses with new or experienced forklift drivers. This manual is delivered in MS Word and can be edited and printed by the in house trainer, removing the need to keep buying outdated materials from other companies
  • A comprehensive test that will verify understanding without being tricky. This is also in MS Word and is designed to not only cover all OSHA forklift topics but facility specific forklift topics making it completely custom and OSHA compliant
  • card sampleForklift Operator cards can be printed from the materials or you have the option of purchasing custom professional plastic forklift licenses for your operators
    with your logo and trainer information
  • Facility review document designed to help organize your training information about your facility in the forklift operators manual. It also is a great document to have if there is ever an OSHA forklift audit
  • Miscellaneous forms for tracking training classes, forklift driver evaluations and operator renewals
  • Spanish materials are included when they are available for the class
  • All trainers are also setup with a 3 year membership to our trainer materials web site. This site has all the videos, manuals, test and materials that are on the DVD’s as well as any updates to this information. Forklift University of Texas provides on going support and service to our Train the Trainer students. There are also over 10 more videos on this site, and many are equipment and attachment specific videos.

You will never have to purchase manuals, tests or any other training materials after you have completed the class.

Train the Trainer Class Options

  • Warehouse Forklift (sit down mast, stand up reach, order picker, electric pallet jack and more)
  • Rough Terrain (boom/telehandler) Forklift
  • Aerial Lift (both scissor and boom)

Aerial Lift Safety Training


aerial liftScissor Lift, Boom lift, Bucket Truck training are all available under our aerial lift training programs.

Operators of aerial lift equipment are required under OSHA regulations to take a formal training class and be evaluated on the equipment they are using.

Forklift University will come to your facility or job site and provide your aerial operators with a quality OSHA compliant aerial lift training class complete with equipment videos, and job performance discussions.scissor lift

Once they have completed the formal aerial lift training class, our experienced instructors will perform the OSHA evaluation and help those with limited experience to master the scissor or boom aerial lift equipment.

Your company will be provided with a operator certification card that can be carried by your operators along with digital copies of their license and evaluations.

This information is avalable to you 24/7 through our customer certification portal.

For those companies that wish to do their own training, Train the Trainer classes are also available.

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