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So if you are a driver in Texas and you own a car, do you know where your registration is printed and mailed from? 

Forklift Training at Xerox in Austin

Well the short answer is Xerox in Austin. Yes, Xerox the document company handles the printing of all motor vehicle registration forms, and with all that paper there is a big need for forklifts. Forklift University of Texas had the opportunity to train several new forklift operators at the facility the other day. As part of their operations they hanlde very large rolls of paper, boxes and boxes of envelopes, and all other types of paper products used in the printing operation. 

Operators had to handle not only a stand up reach forklift, but an electric pallet jack and a stand up 3 wheel lift that is more like a sit down forklfit than a stand up. The saturday forklift class was setup so that production would not slow down. If your company in Austin is in need of a forklift certification class and operator evaluations or even forklift driver training, give us a call. Forklift University has been in business for over 11 years and has the quality training that OSHA expects. 

In additon to the training of the operators at Xerox, we were able to provide a Train the Trainer class allowing Xerox to do their own forklift certifications in the future. We provide all the videos, tests, manuals, supporting documentation and a comprehensive training program at your facility for companies that want a forklift or aerial lift train the trainer class.