Texas Forklift Training

chris forklift trainingForklift Training in Dallas

There are not many options if you want to get your forklift license in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and if you want hands on driver training your options are even more limited. But there is good news for those in the Dallas area now, Forklift University has opened a hands on forklift driving center in Waco Texas.
We limit our class size to a maximum of 4 students and you will have plenty of forklift driving time as a part of the training.
The class starts with a 2 hour safety training that will get your your forklift license and then students spend another 4 hours learning to drive a sit down forklift.
Once completed students will have the license and basic skills to work as a forklift driver anywhere in the US. With the growth of industry in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, forklift drivers will be in great demand in the coming years.
Get your forklift training today, go to www.forkliftuniversitytexas.com for more information.