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Wether you are needing your forklift license for Hoover Dam or the local staffing agency, you may be required to already have OSHA forklift certifications before you apply for a forklift job. For those with forklift operations experience you can go online and renew your license in about an hour. 

For those that have never had a dam license, you can take a hands on forklift driver training class at our locations in Las Vegas or Phoenix and get your dam forklift license for the first time. Hands on driver training classes are less than taking a trucker training class and they pay can be as much as $15 to $20 dollars an hour in some areas.

The forklift hands on driver training class is designed for new operators to get entry level experience on how to operate a standard sit down forklift, the most common in industry. The class covers forklift safety and then teaches you the skills needed to safely operate a lift in most warehouse, manufacturing and other basic environments.

By using specialized and standard drills, new drivers can learn each driving skill task and then move to the next building on their previous task. Our facilities in Austin are shared with P&H Material Handling in Round Rock and we have access to all types of lifts. 

Forklift University has been training aerial lift operators for over 12 years across the USA, if you are looking for the best and most OSHA compliant safety training call us toll free at 888-674-9992, or use the contact form on this site.

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