Aerial Boom Operator without Harness

No harness TX boomlift ft worth

Once again while traveling though Texas I find an aerial lift operator using a boom manlift without a full body harness. this seems to be a common practice around the area and while in some cases full body harnesses are not required on a scissor lift, it is always required on an aerial boom lift.

The scissor lift falls under the scafolding guidelines and the boom lift falls under aerial lifts. This is because the dangers on each lift are different and with a boom lift additional fall prevention is required. 

Scissor lifts have a tip over hazard and in some cases the harness can cause additional dangers in a tip over. But an aerial boom lift has "bounce out" as it's primary danger and the full body harness is required to help prevent these types of accidents. Both types of equipment require operator training and certification and your training should include how to inspect and wear a full body harness properly. full body harness

In this particular case, I not only observed this operator in Fort Worth area without a harness, but he used the middle railings as a step up and was standing on them to gain higher reach. This is a violation with or without a harness but by elevating himself above the top rail he added extra danger with any type of additional safety. 

Proper training could help operators and company owners to understand the dangers in using aerial lifts thereby making sure your company and employees maintain a proper level of safety measure. In addition, OSHA fines for this type of violation begin at about $12,000 per incident and those kind of fines can turn a profitable job into a loosing venture quickly.  You can order an approved harness by clicking the picture or this link

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