Amarillo Forklift Train the Trainer

Forklift and Aerial Lift Train the Trainer in Amarillo Texas

GRI largefork2When you think of energy and Texas most people think OIL and whlie there are plenty of oil companies that Forklift University has worked with in Texas, we have a new customer that build the large wind systems you see all around the country, but if you have ever been to West Texas, you know that wind is a constant and renewable energy source.

GRI Towers is an international manufacturer of wind turbine systems and their newest plant is in Amarillo and they have chosen Forklift University for their forklift and aerial lift training company. The Train the Trainer class will provide their qualified people with not only the most complete materials available, but the expertise and flexibility to deliver the training anytime anywhere.

GRI 45Khook

While cranes to a large portion of the heavy lifiting, forklifts from 5K to more than 100K are used to move everything from pallets andsupplies to the large wind tower bases. They evenu use large hook attachments that can handle up to 45K each and other specialized attachments to manage the large tower units.

GRI Wind Turbine Forklift TrainingForklift University covers Texas like no other safety training company, with training locations in Austin and familyl from Lubbock, training in Texas is like being home for the holidays. If your Texas company needs forklift or aerial lift training contact us today, we will come to your facility and train your people to understand and teach OSHA compliant information. For more information call us at 888-674-9992 or use the contact form on this site to request more information. There is no part of Texas we cannot cover, from Lubbock, to Austin, to Dallas to Houston and everywhere in between.