Happy Memorial Day from Forklift University

kenneth Byron Drake pilotLet me start this blog with wishing all our brave service men a happy Memorial Day.
This holiday is one of importance to me for several reasons, as an American sometimes I don't appreciate the good things in my life like I should, and many times I take my personal and our collective freedoms for granted. However, as I have traveled the country for Forklift University over the last 12 years I can truely say that this is an amazing country with above amazing people. We have more freedoms to choose than anywhere else in the world, we have the ability to live happy productive lives without the fear of fascism or communism controlling our every move and limiting our own god given talents. We can travel from state to state, without restriction; we have due process and protections from the police and our own government.
How did we get so lucky to have these freedoms?
Luck? that is for rabbits, we may have been lucky to have been born here or been one of the chosen few to immigrate here but our freedoms are not luck. Our freedoms are the result of blood, sweat and tears. The lives lost defending this nation, are a major part of who we are and remembering those that have sacrificed so much is what Memorial Day is.
While these things are at the forefront for me on this day, I also think about my father, Kenneth Byron Drake. On this day he passed away in 1988, he was a World War II veteran, a pilot flying B-24 bombers, but not for the Air Force but for the Army Air Corp. and he was one of the lucky ones able to come home and start a family after the war. And not to discount the servicewomen, these days you serve right along with the guys, AMAZING and appreciated no doubt. My mom served too, as a Navy Wave, but in their generation it was what everyone did, and they did it without complaining or whining.
When I think back on this day and the sacrifices of so many, I remember my dad who understood the value of hard work, believing in people, helping others grow and defending this nation back when that was just what you did.Ken Kay WWII
Every serviceman has a great story, I hope you take the time to get to know your father, grandfather, or just the guy down the street that served in Korea or Vietnam or Desert Storm, I hope you recognize the things each of these people risked to provide you with your freedoms and abundance that is found no where else in the world.
The United States of America is the greatest country in the history of the world, and for those who have forgotten that, or those that grew up never understanding that I am sorry and hope you find it and begin to see the greatness that is in front of you every day. It is there, all you have to do is look up from your phone and look around you, see your neighbor, don't look through that person you don't know and together we can continue where these great men left off and build an even more amazing USA.

Steven W. Drake,