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Wether you are needing your forklift license for Hoover Dam or the local staffing agency, you may be required to already have OSHA forklift certifications before you apply for a forklift job. For those with forklift operations experience you can go online and renew your license in about an hour. 

For those that have never had a dam license, you can take a hands on forklift driver training class at our locations in Las Vegas or Phoenix and get your dam forklift license for the first time. Hands on driver training classes are less than taking a trucker training class and they pay can be as much as $15 to $20 dollars an hour in some areas.

The forklift hands on driver training class is designed for new operators to get entry level experience on how to operate a standard sit down forklift, the most common in industry. The class covers forklift safety and then teaches you the skills needed to safely operate a lift in most warehouse, manufacturing and other basic environments.

By using specialized and standard drills, new drivers can learn each driving skill task and then move to the next building on their previous task. Our facilities in Austin are shared with P&H Material Handling in Round Rock and we have access to all types of lifts. 

Forklift University has been training aerial lift operators for over 12 years across the USA, if you are looking for the best and most OSHA compliant safety training call us toll free at 888-674-9992, or use the contact form on this site.

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hands on forklift driver training



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forklift training Hoover Dam

hoover 1OSHA inspections and violation notices can be more scary for businesses than IRS audits! But if you have prepared, done your training and have it all documented your company can move through the process with minimal interruption and cost.

The forklift university train the trainer class not only provides a complete and equipment specific  training for you trainers, we have materials, documentation and discussions on how to protect you company from OSHA inspections. Our materials and training discusses liability, negligence and we are here to help if you have OSHA forklift violations. 

Forklift University has been training forklift operators for over 12 years across the USA including at Hoover Dam, if you are looking for the best Dam forklift training call us toll free at 888-674-9992.

Forklift Training in Las Vegas | Forklift Training in Los Angeles | Forklift Training in Austin | Forklift Training in Ft Worth | Forklift Training in Phoenix | Forklift Training in Dallas |Forklift Training in Texas | Forklift Training in Nevada | Forklift Training in California

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Forklift and Aerial Lift Train the Trainer in Amarillo Texas

GRI largefork2When you think of energy and Texas most people think OIL and whlie there are plenty of oil companies that Forklift University has worked with in Texas, we have a new customer that build the large wind systems you see all around the country, but if you have ever been to West Texas, you know that wind is a constant and renewable energy source.

GRI Towers is an international manufacturer of wind turbine systems and their newest plant is in Amarillo and they have chosen Forklift University for their forklift and aerial lift training company. The Train the Trainer class will provide their qualified people with not only the most complete materials available, but the expertise and flexibility to deliver the training anytime anywhere.

GRI 45Khook

While cranes to a large portion of the heavy lifiting, forklifts from 5K to more than 100K are used to move everything from pallets andsupplies to the large wind tower bases. They evenu use large hook attachments that can handle up to 45K each and other specialized attachments to manage the large tower units.

GRI Wind Turbine Forklift TrainingForklift University covers Texas like no other safety training company, with training locations in Austin and familyl from Lubbock, training in Texas is like being home for the holidays. If your Texas company needs forklift or aerial lift training contact us today, we will come to your facility and train your people to understand and teach OSHA compliant information. For more information call us at 888-674-9992 or use the contact form on this site to request more information. There is no part of Texas we cannot cover, from Lubbock, to Austin, to Dallas to Houston and everywhere in between.


No harness TX boomlift ft worth

Once again while traveling though Texas I find an aerial lift operator using a boom manlift without a full body harness. this seems to be a common practice around the area and while in some cases full body harnesses are not required on a scissor lift, it is always required on an aerial boom lift.

The scissor lift falls under the scafolding guidelines and the boom lift falls under aerial lifts. This is because the dangers on each lift are different and with a boom lift additional fall prevention is required. 

Scissor lifts have a tip over hazard and in some cases the harness can cause additional dangers in a tip over. But an aerial boom lift has "bounce out" as it's primary danger and the full body harness is required to help prevent these types of accidents. Both types of equipment require operator training and certification and your training should include how to inspect and wear a full body harness properly. full body harness

In this particular case, I not only observed this operator in Fort Worth area without a harness, but he used the middle railings as a step up and was standing on them to gain higher reach. This is a violation with or without a harness but by elevating himself above the top rail he added extra danger with any type of additional safety. 

Proper training could help operators and company owners to understand the dangers in using aerial lifts thereby making sure your company and employees maintain a proper level of safety measure. In addition, OSHA fines for this type of violation begin at about $12,000 per incident and those kind of fines can turn a profitable job into a loosing venture quickly.  You can order an approved harness by clicking the picture or this link

Forklift University has been training aerial lift operators for over 12 years across the USA, if you are looking for the best and most OSHA compliant safety training call us toll free at 888-674-9992.

Aerial Training in Las Vegas | Aerial Training in Los Angeles | Aerial Training in Austin | Aerial Training in Ft Worth | Aerial Training in Phoenix | Aerial Training in Dallas |Aerial Training in Texas | Aerial Training in Nevada | Aerial Training in California


AerialAustinNoharness7It was about 7AM local Austin time and as I woke to get ready for Tugger training, I looked out my hotel window and saw a boom lift basket near the window. Now I travel quite a bit and am used seeing all kinds of things out my hotel windows, but this time it was a training issue staring me right in the face!

In the boom lift basket was an operator, but he had no safety harness and was leaning out of the basket to measure the building overhang.

I immediately went downstairs and outside to offer my full body harness to the operator, and while talking to the "boss" about the safety hazard, he told me that they had a harness in the truck and they just were not using it. To his credit, he went to the truck and got the harness and the worker was safely protected for the rest of his work time. AerialAustinNoHarness1

Aerial lift training prepares workers for safe lift operations, they are not only trained on the equipment they will be using, but they should be instructed on the importance and proper use of fall protection measures designed to keep them safe. If you company or organization is not training, severe penalties from OSHA can be costly. But even more costly would be if the worker had fallen and been hurt or killed. This preventable situation is best handled through safety training and insistence from employers who understand the benefits of aerial lift training.

For aerial operator training on boom lifts, scissor lifts, bucket trucks or any other aerial platform equipment. Forklift University provides operator training and train the trainer classes for those that want to comply with OSHA guidelines and keep their workers safe. For more infromation go to or call us at 888-674-9992

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